24th June to 30th June, 2012




The date changes but the flavour’s the same,

And again it isn’t me being naughty.

‘Ol Dirty paper is at it again,

So here’s the daily dose of potty.

Finally our strong silent PM has spoken,

Maybe because Sonia allowed him to.

And we are obligated to listen to his view

That ‘reforms’ will be back is his token.

The PM’s an old economist, decent and quiet,

Another significant upper house acolyte.

He’s warming the chair for Sonia’s son;

What a fat position for loyalty done.

And we thought this nation was full of hermits,

Ruled by a family coz the electorate permits.



Right after PM, Pranab lets his tongue glide.

In English spoken fluently in Bengali,

Says he will arrest the rupee’s slide.

Remedial measures for RBI’s folly?

So let’s wait keenly for June twenty fifth,

For rarely do they promise action so early.

Something’s up their sleeve, something surly,

To lift the stock markets with?

But Narendra Modi’s seeing a new low,

With a trial court refusing to tow

The line that he’s completely in the clear,

In the Gulbarg Society massacre.

One example of no smoke without fire

Is good old Modi’s communal ire.



Are we only getting what we deserve?

For we are parochial let’s just admit,

When caste creed and colour we preserve,

That’s when we swim in our own shit.

So let’s concede or make confessions,

That we’re a ragged bunch of idiots,

In a democracy filled with caveats,

And so, easily hoodwinked by politicians.

They play us against each other –

The neat way to manage any sucker.

Our castes and colours are many hued,

But in the process only we are scre_ed.

Now if us for granted, they ever dare take,

Let’s vow we’ll _ump them out of shape.




The day arrives almost innocuously.

Partial decontrol of diesel is the tale,

And Pranab dada adds piously,

Also FDI in multi brand retail.

So this is what it’ll be all about.

While the west gasps itself to save,

We’ll faithfully follow them to the grave,

Of that there seems little doubt.

Then RBI may raise interest rates,

On NRI currency deposits mates.

This should stop the rupee from sliding,

Before to Rashtrapati Bhawan he goes riding.

But suspicious still, let’s wait and watch,

Genuine measures or hurried hodge podge?



In Bombay, striking doctors are inspired

By Air India pilots who’re sitting at home.

And the city rains news again is mired,

As two youngsters drown on 24th June.

When Pranab seeks support of Didi Mamata,

Is he just being decent and sporting?

Or being doubly sure, coz it’s worth worrying,

For anything can happen in Kolkata?

The uncertainty is now felt everywhere

And even India Inc has its share.

Companies’re hoarding cash and reserves

Like bottles of pickle and jam preserves.

Now corruption’s exposed amid uncertainty,

So businessmen shut the f_ck up and sit pretty.



Now here’s another contradiction.

On one side there’s the policy maker,

And on the other there’s regulation.

But the policy maker’s also a taker!

An investor, he speaks in promoter interest.

Now that must mean better profit margins.

But the regulator has no such flings.

For him if prices are lower, it’s best.

Now whenever this is the tussle,

The government is forced to unbuckle

A few ministers from the cabinet,

For conflict of interest cannot in parliament sit.

The is the cursed phase businessmen rue,

But pretend when they speak, it’s all for you.




Who says Saudi Arabia is of no use to all

Except to the odd Malyalee jobseeker.

They’ve nabbed for us Abu Jundal,

A plotter of the 26/11 Pak misadventure.

This Indian doer of the dirty deed,

Who planned, handled and mastered,

Who livid patriots are calling Bastard,

Hails from Maharashtra, specifically Beed.

In so many years we saw something incredible.

Through the sea where the Taj beams its sparkle,

They came in remorseless and murdered,

Leaving 166 dead and hundreds injured

Nabbing them all is all very well,

But how long the courts take, who can tell.



It takes an event like this to expose,

To wonder about Coast Guard and Navy,

To demand answers and a proper probe,

To speculate on the what-if and may-be.

There’s naturally a frustrated feeling –

Pray why like this, Pakistan had to be.

But still, let’s not hit the ceiling,

For did we not create the LTTE?

Instead my friend, there’s another way,

You too can play a role, by joining the NDA.

No, no, oh no, not that political nanny!

But The National Defence Academy.

And these days it’s damn easy to get a seat.

On its recruitment scam, Dirty Paper has meat.



Mumbai police is making some more

News. That shows them as highhanded ruffians,

Moralists who appear complex and sore,

Busting parties, arresting senior citizens.

Under the holy name of the law,

A Mumbai policeman sees everything he saw,

That You and I see as just fine,

To be one helluva heinous crime.

Laws are archaic it’s quite clear,

And the cost of living is also dear.

So let’s arrest some and heap some bribe,

That explains half the actions of this tribe.

In khaki we’ve dressed criminals in guise,

But on TV we debate like we’re very wise.




A nose-ringed tennis player is furious.

Male players they’ve placed on a higher peg,

When championships I’ve won are various.

Plus I’m the only one showing leg.

In Kashmir, they’ve gutted a Sufi shrine.

This fire too is caused by a short circuit,

Although here it seems it really did cause it.

Yet violence coz the firemen weren’t on time!

The UP Chief Minister strikes a bargain.

90,000 crores to the state to not be a pain;

The price for supporting UPA at the centre,

The first political move by young Akhilesh to enter.

The nation is crowded with whining complainants,

Secularism my foot, we are fratricidal opponents.



Now here’s a tearful poignant tale:

The Pakis announced one Sarabjit’s release,

For Presidential pardons aren’t meant to fail.

But they went back on it if you please.

A sub continent style confounding U turn,

Saying they were sorry for the mistaken feed,

Dear media, it wasn’t Sarabjit but Surjeet,

Though we know you’re shocked to learn.

On death sentence was Indian ‘terrorist’ Sarabjit,

And jailed for three decades in Lahore, spy Surjeet.

Our media says Pakis bowed to internal pressure.

And they: that we’re needlessly blowing a fissure.

Truthfully this time, my thoughts play chameleon.

For once I’m unsure and have no opinion.



Now here’s a dose of subcontinent football.

And Maharashtra’s no less than Brazil, Argentina.

Dribbling the ball on the Adarsh scam are all

Ex chief ministers changed frequently by Sonia.

First ex CM Sushil Kumar Shinde neatly passes it

To a waiting ex CM Vilasrao Deshmukh,

Who dribbles it a bit today while we all look,

Then to ex CM Chavan, it’s neatly deflected.

The goalkeeper is Miserable Manmohan as usual.

That Sonia’s non-playing captain is not unusual.

Interesting how now even the army isn’t spared.

Thankfully so far only its underpants are bared.

But let’s acknowledge reality on our part,

That Army’s still a great institution, is all fart.




Oh we’re still ranting about the Sarabjit headline,

Thumping the table: ‘twas pressure from some Islamist.

The Paki U turn is today’s biggest crime,

Are we really sure or just being alarmist?

Sarabjit confessed to terror – Khwaja Rafiq.

Wasn’t pardoned, wasn’t released – Rehman Malik.

Even on prisoner releases, we two don’t tick.

Accusation counter accusation, news will peak.

Let’s say, to pressure Pakistan did bow.

But honestly are we some holy cow?

Are we even wondering about what’s scariest?

That the two were probably Indian terrorists?

I am not saying they weren’t or they were;

All I’m saying is I’m worried but not sure.



Seems the IIT exam row is resolved.

A compromise one hears, has been struck.

So both IIT and Sibal have dissolved

Their differences and now they can work.

But on compromises I’m always skeptical,

When it’s neither this nor that,

Though the aggressor’s now a Cheshire cat,

A mid way solution can be comical.

To reverse the climate of loose pessimism,

Miserable Manmohan says with uptight optimism,

Finance officials must sincerely work.

Still, Manmohan in Finance can be a perk.

For all the heat Manmohan, here’s where you’re calmer

Just ask her to find some other chair warmer.



As Pranab quits (presidential nominee of UPA),

Manmohan discovers that his voice is still fit.

And so in deep reflection, he’s begun to say,

(Suddenly the country with optimism is lit)

They’re faulty, he observes, some of the taxes. . .

(It’s a relief to hear; sounds reassuring and good)

They’re contributing he adds, to the negative mood,

So he’s determined to handle some recent lapses.

When Pranab took oath, weren’t we celebrating,

And when he sat in seat, we were soon berating;

And now that he’s gone, we are blaming him a bit;

And with relief we’re sighing on his graceful exit.

A moody nation, we are perpetually on dope.

How else do we explain our permanent hope.




On a gloomy overcast June twenty nine,

The skies opened to pour into Bombay.

But that doesn’t mean that all is fine,

The news is assorted like any other day.

A tree fell to kill a twenty four year old.

Train services and roads were badly hit.

Though BMC promised all would be fit,

The cause: just 75 mm of rain, we’re told.

Lighter side: Petrol prices fell by rupees three,

But for Mamata, it’s still not satisfactory.

To presidential elections, attributes the queen,

Since they are scheduled for July nineteenth.

The fabled monsoons of industrial Bombay can deliver

Death blows. For we’re still agriculturists, remember?



Now they’ve found a fat scapegoat

To book for criminal negligence –

The agency maintaining Mantralaya’s switchboards.

How easily they insult our intelligence.

And near Bombay, in rural Maharashtra,

The Konkan Irrigation Development Corporation’s

Blessing of a supplier faces investigations –

Increasing payout 500% after contract creation?

What’ll now submerge thousand acres of forestland,

Will enter history as Kondhane Dam.

On ethics, giving states a pecking order,

Is a task as vague as the Chinese border.

Better progress is made, with energy we’ll burst

Reversing the order, starting with the worst.



How man doesn’t see the earth from the air

From the aircraft that he only invented,

And misses the ravage he’s caused everywhere,

On a planet, so excessively inhabited.

Compelled, now and then nature gives

Hints, we still turn a blind eye to.

Stolid, cretinous, and filthy as pigs,

Failing to see what will eventually brew.

We’ve excavated deeply, despoiled the earth

Even though there is no dearth,

Of places that we occupy already,

With needs and wants of the terrifically greedy.

But when water flooded in from the sea,

Still we exclaimed: what can the matter be!




On this thirtieth day of June

With Chapter one over, I feel bold,

Taking in contradictory headlines that loom

Bombay: eight acres plot, for Rs 600 cr sold.

The news is about money and more money,

So a titillated Index sees a 439 points jump.

Now Pranab’s measures are getting a drub,

It’s the Midas touch of Manmohan, honey.

But in Dirty Paper, paradoxes are grilled:

In Chhattisgarh, nineteen Maoists are killed.

For all his wisdom, Manmohan does forget,

That in Chhattisgarh, there’s no stock market.

And that in India, 3 per cent of us trade in shares,

To ninety seven per cent others, who the f_ck cares.



However meagre the Bombay rains have been,

The met office only talks of rains gone past!

430 trees have fallen, but maybe they were lean.

Privately Bombay doesn’t want rains to last.

In Pakistan there’s been a survey

That amongst the two evils the Taliban

And India, the former is safer than

The latter, who’s more dangerous any day!

However pleased with Manmohan, the stock index was,

The sulking rupee continues to post loss.

It’s slipping downhill like rainwater,

And has recorded its worst ever quarter.

Remember what we said about the horny market’s erection?

The rupee’s more sober – needs a fundamental correction.



So here we sum up the month of June,

Though we started on seventeenth only.

A sad opening with a corporate chief, no goon

And soon and suddenly Mamata is lonely.

Then punctuation in the story: Anna and team . . .

Soon rating agencies make the market flaccid.

And across the border, PM Gilani has it,

But here, a battle for PM-ship starts unclean.

As a retired Pranab digs into presidential caviar,

Moneyman Manmohan returns to be old saviour,

And the erectile tissue of the stock market’s rigid.

Yet an unperturbed rupee remains frigid.

So faces changed, but India waited for someone

Still selfish, leaderless, disparitous –  again ‘twas done.


6 responses

  1. Your first sentence immediately got me interested in this topic. Your unique commentary and writing style had me convinced of your points. Amazing work. Please continue this type of content.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you so much. I value your kind words immensely.

  2. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would wantHaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Your comments are most gratifying and I am very thankful to you for them. The topic, you are right has been written about for years, but I only know how to catch a topic by the scruff of the collar and speak the truth. I don’t know if you will believe it, I write these three sonnets a day, in one single flow – not because I am ‘talented’ but because the whole need is the truth, which can only be spontaneous.
      Thank you for being with us and following us.

  3. I admire what you have done here. I love the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that is working for you as well. Do you have any more info on this?

  4. nirbhayasindia | Reply

    Thank you for your generous words.
    To answer the question you have asked, I am merely expressing myself, even though I am using poetry to say what all Indians are today saying. If you were to read (I don’t know if you live in India) the newspapers everyday, you would see that I am not alone in my views. A glance at Twitter in fact is very useful in sensing the mood of this nation.

    But to interpret your question (hopefully with the right interpretation), can I write like this ever, if I didn’t feel this way? The answer in No. This writing is only possible if it comes from within, not because it is great, but because it is true.

    To reinterpret your question once again (don’t know if this is right, so please forgive me if it isn’t) – is this getting me anything specifically, personally? The answer is No in a material sense. And otherwise, its giving me great satisfaction to see my work and the response to it.

    Comments from people like you, make the whole effort so much more worthwhile.

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