20th June 2012, This day, last year



Whoa, today it’s the turn of the twin!

And Prime Minister Gilani is sacked.

Their Supreme Court basted the sin,

That Asif Zardari he had backed,

And that he refused to pursue with the Swiss,

Zardari’s ill-gotten wealth stashed in banks.

Now despite buddy’s requital and heartfelt thanks,

Alas the parliament, he’ll have to give a miss.

And now when speculation is rife on early polls.

With twinnie, how we share the bell that tolls.

Not surprising that we’ve so much in common:

Geography, history and a fate f_cked by a demon.

Impoverished, yet feuding, only politicos seeing gains.

But what the hell, isn’t it the same blood in the veins.



Now that headline was damn gratifying.

At least someone else stinks as much!

And the $10bn aid to Eurozone is satisfying;

As a giver India feels better as such.

Reminiscent of the good old Nawabs, till

Well after they’d lost all their wealth,

Just to show they were in the pink of health,

They would pay income tax still.

Now RBI and government’s blaming one another,

For inflation that’s scr_wing like the weather.

And Nitish is targetting Modi from Bihar.

For the PM’s chair, will be an all out war.

As a CBI judge’s booked by Anti Corruption Bureau,

This isn’t a country anymore methinks. It’s a curio.



So the pure land was called Pakistan.

Misnomers galore in the subcontinent.

And India was also called Hindustan;

Countries created through Jinnah’s vent.

But dare I say anything about Jinnah.

For any good I say, the BJP’ll lynch me,

And for the bad, the Pakis it will be.

So who to blame for this double faux pax.

See, if we were meant to be so alike,

Then why the partition, why the dislike.

Instead at each other we must beam,

And to win, form a common cricket team.

But that’s a sport, though evidence clearly,

For joining hands and not warring weirdly.


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