21st June 2012, This Day, Last Year

Today to exchange itself with the dollar,

The rupee shall replicate fifty-six times.

Sangma’s like a rupee, against Pranab, a dollar,

So BJP support’s noisy yet flimsy, like wind chimes.

A battle ready Sangma, from NCP resigned,

But partners Shiv Sena and JD(U) disagree

With the choice of big brother, the BJP,

For they know Sangma’s rout is destined.

But make no mistake that there’s more,

To why Sangma, they’ve chosen to deplore,

Than holy and principled disagreements;

Under the veneer, are election realignments.

Now if the rupee were to plummet and tear,

Do politicians realize it’s our underwear?


With the government on an austerity drive,

We thought they wouldn’t spend too much.

But Civil Aviation Secretary’s got a high five –

The spend on him, no one can touch.

They’ll spend to have him elected as President

(A grateful retirement gift from the nation)

Of International Civil Aviation Organisation.

This austerity is without precedence.

North Block’s become a strange place.

On policy making: bereft of haste, void of pace.

For Pranab’s all set for Rashtrapati Bhavan,

Even if the rating’s scre_ed, the rupee done.

Congress’s preparing for a potpourri parliament,

So the President elected better be a friend.


That’s what friendships mean these days –

Win-win deals struck among a losing few,

Give and take even if fake, and betrays

That sincerity is passé, no longer true.

Competition’s an illusion abaft what ticks.

Mistaken as the reason behind the win

Of all, though a demented individual whim;

And sweet success is tasted in dirty ass licks.

There was a time when friendships reigned,

When all was calm no matter who gained.

Now victory is an end where the means,

Don’t matter and are so seldom clean.

It was funereal today, writing this one,

It’s night now, but I am done.


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