27th June 2012, This Day, Last Year

A nose-ringed tennis player is furious.

Male players they’ve placed on a higher peg,

When championships I’ve won are various.

Plus I’m the only one showing leg.

In Kashmir, they’ve gutted a Sufi shrine.

This fire too is caused by a short circuit,

Although here it seems it really did cause it.

Yet violence coz the firemen weren’t on time!

The UP Chief Minister strikes a bargain.

90,000 crores to the state to not be a pain;

The price for supporting UPA at the centre,

The first political move by young Akhilesh to enter.

The nation is crowded with whining complainants,

Secularism my foot, we are fratricidal opponents.



Now here’s a tearful poignant tale:

The Pakis announced one Sarabjit’s release,

For Presidential pardons aren’t meant to fail.

But they went back on it if you please.

A sub continent style confounding U turn,

Saying they were sorry for the mistaken feed,

Dear media, it wasn’t Sarabjit but Surjeet,

Though we know you’re shocked to learn.

On death sentence was Indian ‘terrorist’ Sarabjit,

And jailed for three decades in Lahore, spy Surjeet.

Our media says Pakis bowed to internal pressure.

And they: that we’re needlessly blowing a fissure.

Truthfully this time, my thoughts play chameleon.

For once I’m unsure and have no opinion.



Now here’s a dose of subcontinent football.

And Maharashtra’s no less than Brazil, Argentina.

Dribbling the ball on the Adarsh scam are all

Ex chief ministers changed frequently by Sonia.

First ex CM Sushil Kumar Shinde neatly passes it

To a waiting ex CM Vilasrao Deshmukh,

Who dribbles it a bit today while we all look,

Then to ex CM Chavan, it’s neatly deflected.

The goalkeeper is Miserable Manmohan as usual.

That Sonia’s non-playing captain is not unusual.

Interesting how now even the army isn’t spared.

Thankfully so far only its underpants are bared.

But let’s acknowledge reality on our part,

That Army’s still a great institution, is all fart.


2 responses

  1. You’re really ripping into them, aren’t you.

    They can’t be all that bad, reallly – but as one wise acre said, they are worse!

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Yes, they are worse ! I have written 630 sonnets from June to December. Even the sonnets will get worse, because the subject is so!

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