28th June 2012, This Day, Last Year



Oh we’re still ranting about the Sarabjit headline,

Thumping the table: ‘twas pressure from some Islamist.

The Paki U turn is today’s biggest crime,

Are we really sure or just being alarmist?

Sarabjit confessed to terror – Khwaja Rafiq.

Wasn’t pardoned, wasn’t released – Rehman Malik.

Even on prisoner releases, we two don’t tick.

Accusation counter accusation, news will peak.

Let’s say, to pressure Pakistan did bow.

But honestly are we some holy cow?

Are we even wondering about what’s scariest?

That the two were probably Indian terrorists?

I am not saying they weren’t or they were;

All I’m saying is I’m worried but not sure.



Seems the IIT exam row is resolved.

A compromise one hears, has been struck.

So both IIT and Sibal have dissolved

Their differences and now they can work.

But on compromises I’m always skeptical,

When it’s neither this nor that,

Though the aggressor’s now a Cheshire cat,

A mid way solution can be comical.

To reverse the climate of loose pessimism,

Miserable Manmohan says with uptight optimism,

Finance officials must sincerely work.

Still, Manmohan in Finance can be a perk.

For all the heat Manmohan, here’s where you’re calmer

Just ask her to find some other chair warmer.



As Pranab quits (presidential nominee of UPA),

Manmohan discovers that his voice is still fit.

And so in deep reflection, he’s begun to say,

(Suddenly the country with optimism is lit)

They’re faulty, he observes, some of the taxes. . .

(It’s a relief to hear; sounds reassuring and good)

They’re contributing he adds, to the negative mood,

So he’s determined to handle some recent lapses.

When Pranab took oath, weren’t we celebrating,

And when he sat in seat, we were soon berating;

And now that he’s gone, we are blaming him a bit;

And with relief we’re sighing on his graceful exit.

A moody nation, we are perpetually on dope.

How else do we explain our permanent hope.


7 responses

  1. The tragedy of India is its ‘chalta hai’ attitude? Why else was Sarabjeet incarnated for as long as he was while his sister fought a lone battle? Why, suddenly, were politicians of all hues clamouring for space on national television after he died?
    Similarly, nearer time, why were som many thousands allowed to set up shop (and hotel) right in the path of the Mandakini, as if they were waiting for the Himalayan Tsunami to happen and then funnily, make more money out of people’s misery.
    Why, again, did Rahul Gandhi go to Uttarakhand? And why did Modi have to say what he did?
    Why is Manmohan Singh still not regained his voice? Why is is that we have a ‘firang’ running our nation? Why are Kejriwal’s and his like allowed to run wild? Why is it that India is such a huge mess, still? Why is it that more than 60 years since Independence we still have policemen paid a pittance and why do certain people end up making castles, literally, in the air?
    Why does Ramdev have to flee dressed as a woman and why are so-called Godmen of all hues allowed to have a field day?
    Its deplorable, its sad and its downright horrible. This nation needs a rude awakening before its too late!

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      I so agree with you in all counts. One often wonders if there is any scope left for a country to be worse than we are. What is the next Kali yug surprise they will spring o. us. And will we still take it lying down? How long ?

  2. It is so sad what is happening in India but what is sader it is happening around the world, the world needs a change but those with hope will make the difference, just like your last line “How else do we explain our permanent hope.”

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Hi Doris,

      Yes, that is so true. I think the world has reinvented itself with sweeping changes in governance. From monarchy, or autocracy or martial law to communism and to democracy. Finally democracy is what it is. But now that it has no adversary, it has little diversion. And so it must prove that it works. That it is not a farce. That it is not about a few people looking after each other while being voted by others in sheer hope. That it is not about vested interests. That it is not about surviving as a leader in your country by whipping up jingoism under the guise of patriotism by bombing another nation or fighting another war. Finally the world is tired of its leaders in places and angry with them in others. In India, there is rage and fury, but like any revolution in the offing, it will surprise everyone with its suddenness. It is even sadder that there so many in the world on whose behalf so many of us write, while they can’t even read. Finally man is the most exploitative animal ever and has turned the blessing of his intelligence into a self-destructive curse.
      Sorry about the flood of words, but it isn’t a patch on the man – made ones in Uttarakhand in India where we raped the environment with material greed.

      On a calmer note, thanks for following and reading. I write three sonnets a day.
      See you in your blog!

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      See the recent headlines everywhere. The countries in spotlight are supposedly democracies!

  3. You have an amazing gift with words, I look forward to following your wonderful retrospective journaling, it’s so powerfully evocative. Thank you for your comment on stream of consciousness, yes I think that our views are interconnected with something ‘universal’ — very resonant.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you for reading, following and for your encouragement. I would like us to share more if you are up to it. An sure, like me, there is a novel manuscript that is close to your heart, which you are nursing. In my case I am even wondering why literature has moved on. Lets connect.

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