July 4th, 2012 – This Day, Last Year

July 4th



Good morning my dear to the mother

Of paradoxes. That UP had so much

As a thing called a car market brother,

Even car companies didn’t know as such.

Young Akhilesh left many agape in wonder,

When he announced luxury cars for MLAs,

A shocker that so much about him says,

So here’s his opening knock on a public blunder.

But rather let’s ponder over this irony:

If this is young Yadav’s political maturity,

And still he beat the hell out of Rahul,

Then which of them (in Hindi) is an owl?

Now we know what keeps long pending, India’s sunrise:

Political parents who have highjacked for their SON-RISE.



One directorate’s the Enforcement Directorate.

Every now and then in history, it has appeared,

Breaking news about money to the electorate,

The good green backs that have disappeared.

In June, the ED must have been on vacations,

But it has returned now to say to JPC,

About the spectrum scam involving Karunanidhi,

That 773 crore was embezelled by relations.

Karunanidhi may have wept for all we know;

Fat tears may have welled if you say so.

For hidden they are behind dark shades.

Do crocodiles cry in shady glades?

Now this is the man he’s seeking support from,

Pranab, it’s a presidential election, not a godamn prom!



After a 58-days long strike,

Air India pilots return alive to tell

Frustration tales to us all alike,

But don’t know if their thoughts will sell.

Happy, a buoyant rupee starts flying.

Remember it’s our economy’s bedrock;

If our pants are on, or we’re dancing in a frock,

It tells us if we’re fresh or frying.

But this time it’s on hope afresh.

It’s about real FIIs in actual flesh

And blood. Long story short, here’s the précis –

Against the dollar it’s gained 106 paise.

Hey, that’s good news first time in two months,

But Maharashtra tops in deaths on waterfront.


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