July 6th, 2012 – This Day, Last Year




This headline’s useful, it exemplifies what

Has become of the fourth estate today.

Haven’t they lost sight of the real readers that

They’re supposed to talk to each day.

So if the mainline headline covers the treaty with

Mauritius, can the audience of the paper be mass,

Or rather moonstruck by industry top brass?

Then even the focus of the press can lack width.

So let Mauritius give us two islands to use

For trade or whatever else (that’s left loose).

And in return, for all I care, let them negotiate,

To continue to get unaccounted money wide awake.

Even on election results, the press expresses utter surprise,

But we’re real voters who voted, so they needn’t apprise.


But are we daft, or naïve to ever expect

That in Kali Yug, the focus will ever be right,

That reporters will never ever be suspect,

And not suffer from the very same plight.

So hereon I embark and attempt to restore

(So enough on headlines that titillate rulers

Or their brethren, the black money droolers)

With news for the ruled I level the score.

But that means we’ll beat a familiar drum

That old damn tune, to our graves we’ll hum,

That Pakistan again rejects our 26/11 ‘insinuation’,

That they sponsor terrorism against our nation.

In this part of geography, even history has frowned,

That brown cousin Paki, in white lies is drowned.


If papers could talk, you’d hear these whines.

And whining first is king of good times, Mallya.

Bad times as he fights to retain his luxury villa.

How’s that for a wail from pompous airlines.

And for ex CM Ashok Chavan, trouble is brewing.

‘Twas he who sanctioned extra FSI in hand

For sea facing Hotel Searock, in Bandra Bandstand.

How’s that for a new thread to an old plot sewing.

Per a study, India tops another world list.

(That’s it’s now gone beyond humans is the gist)

In human diseases that from animals are afflicted,

Our mighty country is the most affected.

By the way methinks here again there is a bias.

That not on rulers, but on the ruled it causes fracas


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