July 7th, 2012 – This Day, Last Year

July 7th



Now this headline is so utterly Indian:

The nine-year-old case against Mayawati,

The Supreme Court is all set to pardon,

For the CBI has exceeded its authority,

Which to the court reeks of vendetta,

Regardless of the wealth she has amassed.

So the court under technicalities has us gagged

By calling it an inconsequential agenda.

How dare you investigate on your own, it says,

So what if the case takes a billion days,

It’s outside your jurisdiction, CBI;

Seems you want her to politically die.

Well it’s not just luck favouring a corrupt soul.

Soon see, how many f_ck around this new loophole.



Now here’s an old tale, but fascinating surely;

The routine saga of a dam project in 1982.

In Maharashtra, a state going delightfully dirty,

Then a 379 crore was the sanction it drew.

Now as thirty years have toodled by,

Rs 7,777 crore is the escalated amount.

But wait . . . it’s 13,000 crore at last count,

Yet far from ready, the dam’s still dry.

But drier is this two-sided Indian argument,

About how the Food Drug guys campaign was meant

To curb female infanticide through abortion pills.

But scared, chemists don’t stock to avoid legal thrills.

So if a dam is needed, expensively it will be done.

And if girl foetuses can’t be legally aborted, then none.


Welcome finally to a problem of plenty.

In Maharashtra, are engineering colleges galore.

So over forty thousand seats will go empty,

For students are much less, and colleges more.

But the state has more humour to offer.

Subodh Kant Sahai is a worried tourism minister

No, not because he’s done little for tourism mister,

But his argument that policing affects nightlife is wow.

Mumbai police is learning management I think,

The one way to explain this whole new thing.

Now no action on missing persons complaints registered,

For prioritization implies action only when murdered.

But it’s not Maharashtra one should be singling out.

There are so many states we could’ve done without.


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