July 9th, 2012 – This Day, Last Year

The ethnic flavour of forests in cities is intact.

Animals run over on an Assamese highway are gory.

Seeking civilization from their flooded habitat,

Taking the Kaziranga National Park toll to 573.

Now Dirty Paper today on politics pauses,

Says marriages in Mumbai have grown 20 per cent.

One, that Borvili people love marriages more,

(Now stomach the hyperanalysis of possible causes)

That Colaba and Churchgate find them sore!

Two: the marriage registration process got easier,

And registrations increase when marriages get flimsier!

And that’s when in-laws on love marriages clamp the door!

Just as straying Kaziranga animals are hit by carriages,

Ditto when love replaces old arranged marriages.



Now Time magazine tells us what we’ve known for long.

That the PM’s an ‘underachiever’, we’ve said often,

But the BJP’s now gloating on this new swan song,

That Time also said so for Vajpayee, they’ve forgotten.

That the PM does not stick his neck out, we agree;

That he takes no decision, there is no doubt,

That the economy is cold and completely out

Still it moves him not a bit, is plain apathy.

Now Sensex companies expect low growth this quarter.

And the Index is Manmohan’s favourite daughter,

But CMD Sajjan Jindal earnings are by 55% raised,

Though his company’s profits are by 19% grazed.

Now to escape India, we can’t easily go abroad.

With the new 3% tax on travel abroad, oh God.



But time is a great healer our elders said,

Though maybe this is not what they really meant.

That a terrorist not booked for long is led,

To death by natural causes God sent.

So Abu Hamza who attacked Institute of Science

Deep down in 2005 way back in time,

We learn now from one of his tribe,

That he died of illnesses, thanks to Bioscience.

The passage of time has even the UK realize.

Foreign students bring 8bn pounds, what a surprise;

And if they now choose to go to Germany,

So now they better ease the visa rules, honey.

So these are the biggest hopes of this nation my friend:

God, destiny and time, and all that the heavens send.


3 responses

  1. matrixilluminos | Reply

    i love how you interwaeave all of these different stories together… that is unique, and so neat:)

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you for the appreciation. My mother used to say the same through my erring childhood! I hope you mean it in a good way! Thanks.

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you for your comments. This whole country is one complex weave. Simply following it, makes a complex story!

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