July 13th, 2012 – This Day, Last Year


Now here’s the disgrace and shame data:

One third of our MPs and MLAs

Have criminal cases tainting their strata

Now here’s the squint under the carapace

The shameful total is one thousand four fifty

Where 6 are accused of well, rape

On 75 of them, dacoity charges are in shape

145 are even charged with theft, so petty!

While over 350 charged with attempt to murder

140 were successful in committing the murder

But 90 preferred enigmatic kidnapping

But all of them are hip and happening

But the problem is not merely fiduciary

For legislators even dictate the Judiciary!



Dara Singh’s health gives way at eighty-three,

Deteriorating progressively in these afflictive times.

Alongside the Net Foreign Direct Investment we see

Plummeting by 37% this quarter, to $3.2 bn it declines.

Still, to Olympics, a large contingent we’ll send off,

For in our input – output ratio we are usually odd.

So while praying for a medal or two to the almighty God,

We’ll dispatch eighty-one athletes; now don’t scoff!

But here’s the news that should take the cake:

The money on anti-terrorism purchases babus make,

Purchasing speedboats at exorbitant prices,

Money from terrorism’s one of the new national vices

Shaking my disbelieving head, I chew a blade of grass

And conclude, these babus need a kick on their a_se.



A gloom of pessimism marks Friday the thirteenth.

Our MPs and MLAs are jailbirds in the making.

And this we’ve known for times umpteenth,

But only talk, there’s no step we’ll be taking.

Our judiciary’s governed by hooligans it’s clear,

And they themselves seem somewhat spuriuos.

And that makes it much darker and insidious,

Plus it’s all getting worse from year to year.

A well-fed Dara Singh has left metaphorically,

This malnourished and skinny place geographically.

FDI too is beating a rapid and certain retreat,

And at the Olympics as always, we’ll be dead meat.

Worse, only you and I are given to bemoaning all this.

Naked netas, base babus, jaundiced judges(?) are in fits.


4 responses

  1. Important messages, well-written. I’m glad to have read this, and to have more to which I’ll be looking forward to your upcoming posts 😎

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you ever so much for the encouragement.

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you so much. I wait for responses.

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