July 14th, 2012 – This Day, Last Year


Some things will never change,

Is the category few things fall in.

Taxing agricultural income in a village,

Or in towns a real estate regulation.

But this one has us surprised.

That Bombay’ll have a housing Regulatory

Authority, with a Tribunal as reality

And within a year, Maharashtra decides.

So builders who on commitment fail,

Must now expect to go to jail.

Further to this doyen of realty,

There could be a 10 lakh rupee penalty.

And if to the flat he doesn’t give possession,

He’ll refund with interest, so no apprehension.



Now Miserable Manmohan has dears,

Set up committee on General Anti Avoidance Rules,

To tackle nervous, jumpy investors’ fears,

Fearing they see all Indians as fools.

The PMO says this will bring ‘transparency’

And also ‘a high degree of technical expertise’.

The panel headed by Parthasarthy Shome will seize

(He was Chidambaram’s man on silly accountancy)

But expressing surprise was the tax department,

Learning about it from the official statement.

Why ‘transparency’ didn’t happen with the tax guys,

Is a valid question that certainly flies.

Why does the government bungle all the time,

Whatever they do, makes a damn silly rhyme.



Before you expect a Pushkin out of me,

(The dad of the sonnet-story Eugene Onegin)

Or if in me, a Vikram Seth, you want to see,

(Writing that stunner ‘The Golden Gate’ he’s done)

Then let me tell you where I uniquely stand.

For one, I’ve written on a subject most putrid,

About leaders both successful and stupid,

Subjects atypical and far from grand.

But in doing this I record for posterity, history;

And from the perpective of the ruled, my victory.

But deep in the limericks hides a pain,

That running this country are people insane,

Alongwith that other class to which I desperately plead:

Can the moneybags kindly control their greed.


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