July 20th, 2012 – This Day, Last Year



The egg has hatched; young rooster has spoken.

Rosy Rahul ‘agrees’ to play a bigger role.

They think that seriously their words we’ve taken,

That he ‘agreed’ only after a painstaking cajole!

Just for this assumption it’s worth teaching them,

A lesson of their lives in the next hustings.

He’s still playing his cat and mouse innings,

Saying, but the timing is up to Mum.

To this rubbish, real news must shrivel,

And we must watch Mum and Son cuddle.

Who cares Maruti is now like a wasted heath,

Or that their GM – HR burned to death.

With this Mum and Son leave no one in doubt,

They’re only about family and its foisted clout.



Hail! Here enters in person, the holy Indian Army

Ex Chief Deepak Kapoor of the Adarsh infame.

And before the judicial commission he isn’t squirmy.

Adarsh didn’t seem a security threat, his unruffled claim.

But then why did he write to CM Vilasrao,

Seeking that relaxation of domicile norms,

Thus making it easy for Armymen to fill forms,

And he filled one himself, but isn’t guilty – Wow!

This ex Army Chief should be Chief Minister,

For on buck-passing methinks he’s an A Lister.

A uniformed member in Maharashtra’s football team,

Oh so very Olympian Adarsh has been.

But one thing I will say to the dirty paper my dear.

Yes you covered Adarsh, but the judgement’s not near.



The rest of news like a spiteful army charges:

That Pawar still sulks and skips a meet,

That on Raj Thakeray: contempt, a court discharges,

That ex DGCA on his ouster, says Kingfisher’s the seed.

Ex McKinsey partner Anil gets 2 years probation,

And India seeks US help in the HSBC probe,

And calling someone ‘pahadi’ is now a ground for divorce.

The news simply reads like Chick Lit fiction. . . .

Rumbling on: Vidarbha express kills 3, hitting a coach;

The Eastern freeway slab falls like a measly cockroach,

And a builder makes 1000 crores in Lutyens’ Delhi.

But if you thought it was legal, you’ve got to be silly.

So now to escape reality, let’s find some new dope,

That Saina’s peaking before Olympics is our new hope.


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