July 21st, 2012 – This Day, Last Year

‘Twas expected that Pawar would justify,

Through articulate crony Praful Patel.

Unsurprising that he would broaden the outcry,

That more than the No. 2 position, is the tale.

So let’s now brace for a coalition drama,

(As Sonia and Manmohan jump in to soothe

Pawar is happy, but pretends to brood)

Happens when they fear wetting the pyjama.

Now a charged NCP begins to negotiate.

What we anyways expect, they plainly state,

That their Tariq Anwar must have a say,

In appointing governors on any given day.

So now governors will sit on seats precarious,

For coalition negotiations are obviously nefarious.



Western Railway motormen are on a flash strike,

And a Juhu rave party drug-test causes furore.

An AP Judge for Reddy’s bail was offered bribe,

To the stunning tune of a hundred crores.

Mulayam’s (public) ‘secret’ vote for Pranab’s disqualified,

But that’s not why Uddhav underwent angioplasty.

And the new rape bill widens the net on the nasty,

And government’s spectrum rate is by discounts fried.

The ex BMC Chief has got fined afterall,

For his post retirement-official car use-gall.

And as Abu Jundal is handed over to Maharashtra,

Chests swell out like an overloaded bra.

But the fine the ex BMC chief’ll pay is measly and sick;

Just Rs. 3.7 lacs for being such a lousy _ick.



More than mere heavens are pouring this July,

With double speak, ego trips and deceit galore.

But deplorable newsmakers continue to fly,

Youthfully shameless despite being so old.

All actions attributed to coalition politicism,

Justifying the ruin of every public institution,

Looting and plundering at will and volition,

While distracting us with diversionary patriotism.

Army Chiefs, BMC Chiefs, Judges et al,

Care a goddamn shit if in our eyes they fall.

Yet in fact the politician must be admired,

For he easily achieves what the middle class aspires.

If only we had the chance to be as corrupt and crass,

We wouldn’t be watching TV and scratching our a_se.


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