July 24th, 2012 – This Day, Last Year



Now on the NCP there is more delirium,

This time it’s Chhagan Bhujbal, PWD Minister,

Who’s sold his company shares at a 9800% premium;

This vegetable vendor’s progress causes a stir.

That today an industrialist, he owns a conglomerate,

Or that politics and business are the best of friends

Is nothing new now, they are rusty old trends

Evincing big bored yawns from the electorate.

As Uddhav has returned home and well

By the who’s who visitors, we can easily tell,

Why they better come to him and profusely say,

Get well soon, afterall he is here to stay.

That a chief minister or two came, is entirely expected,

But seems Bachchan, Ambani, Dhoot are also affected!



Maharashtra sure gives us entertaining fodder.

Bombay High Court has quashed with cogency,

A Pune Family Court’s hilarious order –

Granting divorce to a man for wife’s ‘impotency’!

That’s what happens in a desi country,

When English becomes the official tongue.

Gentle words morph into a foreign harangue,

And ‘infertility’ soon turns into ‘impotency’.

But how words are used by the educated class,

Is still worth marveling. How it ever was

That simple English bypassed the judiciary,

A field where words matter, and are evidentiary.

So much for the Indian education system I say,

Where herds of graduates are born each day.



Now I am more confused than ever before,

Why we bemoan that uneducated are in power;

Or rather will we truly as a democracy roar,

When leaders from grassroots are allowed to tower.

And now I’m wondering more than ever,

How on earth can a politico keep distance,

From a moneybag shamelessly seeking abundance,

Oh this distorted economic reality, this statistical cantilever.

On the other hand one complication is resolved,

Together into one, both classes have dissolved.

The politico’s a moneybag, and moneybag, a politico,

And so whichever we gape at, is one single sicko.

Trembling under the weight of the word entrepreneurial,

A suited and booted nation chooses a ceremonial funeral.


Those reading Nirbhaya’s India for the first time would do well to read the ‘Foreword’ and ‘Nirbhaya’s December’ especially ‘She hands over the baton’.


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