June 17th, 2012

2012. A pouring Sunday, June seventeen,

In the Bombay monsoon given up for dead,

My pen hovers over a paper clean,

And reading the Dirty one I jounce my head.

As stupefied ink gushes off an American Fischer,

Slimily slithers out an Indian sonnet –

A desi engine chugging ‘neath an imported bonnet –

‘Bout ‘nother American dream, ‘nother sucker:

This time it seems even jurors were in tears,

As assiduously, they validated their worst fears.

Over hours nine and a half, weighing the evidence,

Insider Trading they inferred, but was it providence,

That it had to happen again, yet again. . . .

An Indian much deified, did India to shame.



But pray what’s with the rest of the news

(Below where Rajat Gupta stands shamed).

The nuggets are crammed with journalistic views:

Mulayam’s U turns are on pressure blamed.

As the Congress backs Pranab Mukherjee,

Presidential polls ripen to a political circus,

With egoless promiscuity, expedient hocus-pocus,

Peppered with a spectacle called Mamta Banerjee.

So who gives a f_ck, trains collide at Andheri station,

Or that well bug_ered is the economy of the nation.

Rather that a minister’s son’s deals are dubious,

Even Dirty Paper’s nosey and far more curious.

Oh but read on dear savant; it’s just a matter of time,

When abusive Indian headlines deservedly rhyme.



But what’s my two-bit temperate take,

On what the day shows pointers to?

For whom the nation toils, for whose sake?

Does it give a flying F to me and you?

Well at least the weathermen were honest,

Limited only by as much as they knew.

But on the powers-that-be, the intent we must rue,

In a democracy any good, or merely the largest?

If a Finance Minister seeks office of President

It’s their personal gain, so sc_ew the dividend.

Its b_lls on its ears, the economy does a dance,

But a preoccupied country has elsewhere to prance.

For the Executive’s a goner, the Judiciary’s blinking,

And incorrigibly again, the Legislature is winking.


2 responses

  1. Wow! You’ve described it so well! 🙂
    A great read 🙂

    1. Thank you. Such words make more words worthwhile!

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