June 25th, 2012


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The day arrives almost innocuously.

Partial decontrol of diesel is the tale,

And Pranab dada adds piously,

Also FDI in multi brand retail.

So this is what it’ll be all about.

While the west gasps, itself to save,

We’ll faithfully follow them to the grave,

Of that there seems little doubt.

Then RBI may raise interest rates,

On NRI currency deposits mates.

This should stop the rupee from sliding,

Before to Rashtrapati Bhawan he goes riding.

But suspicious still, let’s wait and watch,

Genuine measures or hurried hodge podge?


In Bombay, striking doctors are inspired

By Air India pilots who’re sitting at home.

And the city rains news again is mired,

As two youngsters drown on 24th June.

When Pranab seeks support of Didi Mamata,

Is he just being decent and sporting?

Or being doubly sure, coz it’s worth worrying,

For anything can happen in Kolkata?

The uncertainty is now felt everywhere

And even India Inc has its share.

Companies’re hoarding cash and reserves

Like bottles of pickle and jam preserves.

Now corruption’s exposed amid uncertainty,

So businessmen shut the f_ck up and sit pretty.



Now here’s another contradiction.

On one side there’s the policy maker,

And on the other there’s regulation.

But the policy maker’s also a taker!

An investor, he speaks in promoter interest.

Now that must mean better profit margins.

But the regulator has no such flings.

For him if prices are lower, it’s best.

Now whenever this is the tussle,

The government is forced to unbuckle

A few ministers from the cabinet,

For conflict of interest cannot in parliament sit.

The is the cursed phase businessmen rue,

But pretend when they speak, it’s all for you.


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