June 26th, 2012


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Who says Saudi Arabia is of no use to all

Except to the odd Malyalee jobseeker.

They’ve nabbed for us Abu Jundal,

A plotter of the 26/11 Pak misadventure.

This Indian doer of the dirty deed,

Who planned, handled and mastered,

Who livid patriots are calling Bastard,

Hails from Maharashtra, specifically Beed.

In so many years we saw something incredible.

Through the sea where the Taj beams its sparkle,

They came in remorseless and murdered,

Leaving 166 dead and hundreds injured

Nabbing them all is all very well,

But how long the courts take, who can tell.


It takes an event like this to expose,

To wonder about Coast Guard and Navy,

To demand answers and a proper probe,

To speculate on the what-if and may-be.

There’s naturally a frustrated feeling –

Pray why like this, Pakistan had to be.

But still, let’s not hit the ceiling,

For did we not create the LTTE?

Instead my friend, there’s another way,

You too can play a role, by joining the NDA.

No, no, oh no, not that political nanny!

But The National Defense Academy.

And these days it’s damn easy to get a seat.

On its recruitment scam, Dirty paper has meat.



Mumbai police is making some more

News. That shows them as highhanded ruffians,

Moralists who appear complex and sore,

Busting parties, arresting senior citizens.

Under the holy name of the law,

A Mumbai policeman sees everything he saw,

That You and I see as just fine,

To be one helluva heinous crime.

Laws are archaic it’s quite clear,

And the cost of living is also dear.

So let’s arrest some and heap some bribe,

That explains half the actions of this tribe.

Can you imagine in this ‘modern’ day and age,

Homosexuality’s a crime! Such intellectual outage.


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