June 28th, 2012



Oh we’re still ranting about the Sarabjit headline,

Thumping the table: ‘twas pressure from some Islamist.

The Paki U turn is today’s biggest crime,

Are we really sure or just being alarmist?

Sarabjit confessed to terror – Khwaja Rafiq.

Wasn’t pardoned, wasn’t released – Rehman Malik.

Even on prisoner releases, we two don’t tick.

Accusation counter accusation, news will peak.

Let’s say, to pressure Pakistan did bow.

But honestly are we some holy cow?

Are we even wondering about what’s scariest?

That the two were probably Indian terrorists?

I am not saying they weren’t or they were;

All I’m saying is I’m worried but not sure.


Seems the IIT exam row is resolved.

A compromise, one hears, has been struck.

So both IIT and Sibal have dissolved

Their differences and now they can work.

But on compromises I’m always skeptical,

When it’s neither this nor that,

Though the aggressor’s now a Cheshire cat,

A mid way solution can be comical.

To reverse the climate of loose pessimism,

Miserable Manmohan says with uptight optimism,

Finance officials must sincerely work.

Still, Manmohan in Finance can be a perk.

For all the heat Manmohan, here’s where you’re calmer

Just ask her to find some other chair warmer.


As Pranab quits (presidential nominee of UPA),

Manmohan discovers that his voice is still fit.

And so in deep reflection, he’s begun to say,

(Suddenly the country with optimism is lit)

They’re faulty, he observes, some of the taxes. . .

(It’s a relief to hear; sounds reassuring and good)

They’re contributing he adds, to the negative mood,

So he’s determined to handle some recent lapses.

When Pranab took oath, weren’t we celebrating,

And when he sat in seat, we were soon berating;

And now that he’s gone, we are blaming him a bit;

And with relief we’re sighing on his graceful exit.

A moody nation, we are perpetually on dope.

How else do we explain our permanent hope.


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