Nirbhaya’s India on July 3, 2012

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While with monsoons, old Bombay

Plays mischief with a weatherman’s fears,

New Delhi battles a summer that they say,

Is the worst in well, thirty-three years.

But old Bombay is cloudy and cool.

The heat is only on political liability.

The CBI has a view on Chavan’s culpability,

But Chavan’s an old shark, certainly no fool.

In that game of  Adarsh ‘football’ recently,

Where they passed the ball n buck brilliantly

To each other with such dexterity,

It finally fitted with Chavan smugly.

And Chavan tried . . . to Shankaran, Principal secretary. . .

Deflecting to a Babu?  Judicial Commission asked tersely.



Poor BJP has yielded to the threat.

So Yeddy and his buddies now withdraw

Their resignations. So this does get

BJP respite, and helps the ice to thaw.

But there is more than the obvious story. . .

Not a normal, but a Kali Yug twisty tale.

Gowda’s from Vokkaligas caste that’ll fail,

But Shettar’s a Lingayat, so better electorally.

So in Karnataka BJP, will votes still rain?

But in Bombay, now the rain’s a pain.

Power lines have tripped in the city.

There’s ample chaos, but we’re sitting pretty.

Another drowning death at Gateway’s a stunner,

How we treat human life is quite a bummer.


Am I being overly philosophical,

Or perhaps just being a little lame?

For thoughts are certainly ironical,

But I’m sure nature does tame. . . .

Whenever man lusts or drools

And stymies normal co-existence,

He pays a price through providence

The moment he violates rules.

Call it if you will, a theory Malthusian,

But I haven’t linked it to population. . . .

We’ve created a city, over the Arabian Sea.

Pretty it is, but how sensible can it be.

Like commercial land acquisition of fertile land,

That has proven ‘businessmen’ are a myopic band.


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