Nirbhaya’s India on July 5th, 2012

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The moneybags of Bombay’re rushing to Delhi

To meet Sardar Montek in Yojana Bhavan.

On lobbyists’ advice they’d better hurry;

Speaks Punjabi to the PM, so obviously a chum.

Ahluwalia otherwise, was quite down and out.

First his Rs. 35 lakhs toilet renovation was dim;

Then his understanding of poverty line left no doubt;

And then FM Pranab didn’t think much of him.

‘Twas like an Indian woman’s dramatic fast,

The quantity she breaks it with leaves one aghast.

Clearly Montek now sags, and has lost his gait.

Doctors will explain that he’s sixty-eight.

But Sardars Manmohan and Montek have mutual respect.

Same color turban, so what do you expect.


Ever read a strategy in sonnets my dear?

This one’s about how the government will

Get multi-brand retail here,

And leave the opposition dazed and still.

First they’ll time it after presidential elections.

Multi-brand helps tame prices, gives better deals,

Spurs investments, creates jobs and turn wheels –

Will be rational meat to defend their decisions.

Then Congress ruled states will support the policy,

Plus tacit support from the likes of Samajwadi Party.

A state subject, opposing states will shun the glitter,

And face the wrath of an electorate bitter.

So Assam, Haryana, Maharashtra, Delhi – direct supporters

And need I mention Mamata and BJP states as opposers.


Here’s another agricultural ode to industry.

Earnings of industrialists and labor can’t compare

In this politically nourished kingdom of disparity.

So in Tamil Nadu, something’s happening in the factory.

Militant trade unions have pervaded industrial belts.

The movement of fields, forests, is now in urban India.

The state’s home to 21,000 factories (not just Jayalalitha),

The likes of Nokias, BMWs, Daimlers and the Dells.

But in Bombay other things’ve speeded as can be seen.

Shinde is cleared but Vilasrao’s being probed,

And the law has got quite a few roped.

Chavan’s the big fish in the charge-sheeted thirteen.

And secondary to all this shit is another article,

That scientists have got hold of the God particle.


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