This Day, Last Year August 22nd, 2012

Click the links within the text to open the context. That way you’ll know your ‘leader’ better too! 

Raj Thackeray was his vitriolic best,

Protesting rally with a rally, some anomaly!

And South Bombay had to suffer the heist,

His thousands strong ‘protest’ rally,

That blatantly violated prohibitory

Orders that forbade the muscle show,

But as usual worked to charge MNS more,

And Raj was in true form and all accusatory,

Of the Home Minister and the Police Chief,

Expressing at their inaction grave disbelief.

Then turning to his traditional targets with ease,

And blaming it all on Bangladeshi Muslim refugees.

Finally making an honest man of himself,

Like a police messiah, he posed on the mantelshelf!



Posing as PMO, fake twitter accounts look fine,

And controlling them from hatred’s no easy job ,

For introverts will blindly protest online,

And when offline, look for the safety of a mob.

So damming the flood of perverted opinions,

On the Assam riots is proving daunting,

So while they’re over they’re still haunting,

Yet stubborn Twitter acknowledges no obligation.

Social media is the online version,

Of the good old earlier perversion,

Where miscreants would throw a pig in a mosque,

And the rioting city would crumble like a bisque.

But with Social Media even the ‘educated’ middle class,

Has fashionably garnered the guts to be crass.



To put a number on the price of hope,

Is now possible through news on page 4.

And it’s reality, not masala from some soap.

Kings Circle Ganpati mandal insurance cover: crores 224!

I suggest this is where we must ask every FII,

To invest with confidence and certainty.

So much for leaders, when God runs this country,

Even while all of us just pretend to try.

Otherwise consider the state,

Of the shambles we await:

Now that the fuel cess will hike,

And airfares will spike,

And for parliament to function we’ll all sit and wait.

But while it ambles or scrambles, to God we’ll leave our fate.

Don’t forget to read the ‘Foreword’ and ‘She handed over the baton’ 


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