Nirbhaya’s India on July 8th, 2012

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Don’t miss reading the ‘Foreword’ and ‘She hands over the baton’ 


The fourth estate has caught up with the tally.

It’s a politician-bureaucrat-contractor nexus.

This fund guzzling of projects makes them pally,

And so they drive around in Toyota Lexus.

Rs 70,000 crores has been pumped

Into 1200 irrigation projects in Maharashtra.

And that they’re incomplete for years extra

Implies more escalated money’ll be lumped.

What’s charming is the fixed rate card

For politicians, engineers and officials, coded hard.

Another eight per cent the contractor pays to get

His payments released, that they hold and forget.

But wait, here’s the topping to fill large sacks.

For midway scope changes, it 40 per cent, the kickbacks!



The pattern’s intact, the news rumbles.

Maharashtra achieves another distinction.

This time in abandoned babies, their abnegation,

In topping from the bottom, it seldom fumbles.

In Karnataka, CM’ll be Shettar, Gowda is sore.

And CBI quizzes a distraught Yeddyurappa.

But in Gujarat a PC operator plays Papa

To science students by adding marks to their score.

In Nagpur now, they’re cooking a curry;

Bombay High Court gives notice to Nitin Gadkari

It’s about the murder of a 7-year-old girl;

Her body was in his house is the whirl.

Hey, I’ve figured an excuse for our decent PM.

What happens in a state’s the problem of the CM



And now it’s a plain data entry error

In Mumbai University, again in Maharashtra.

A zero in Economics justifies a shudder.

The exception: a Finance Minister’s abracadabra.

On matters economic, Didi resurfaces from under,

Giving the government her customary rebuff,

Raising her hand, she screamed ‘Enough!’

When they broached the FDI-in-retail blunder.

But this last piece of news is like a helpless faqir:

An exchange of fire’s happened in Kashmir.

But here goes our recourse to despair and fear;

They’re saying new beer bottles will cost us dear.

The news is all fact, yet it appears so cynical.

Small wonder then, now even Dara Singh is critical.

Don’t forget to read the ‘Foreword’ and ‘She hands over the baton’


3 responses

  1. Spot on, my friend! Sorry I’ve been away, but now I’m back. 😎

    1. Thank you. Missed you. If you are on twitter then I am @nirbhayasindia

      1. I am on Twitter, but I don’t spend much time there. I am @AtwoodJudith. I’ll pop over there today. I missed you, too!

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