Nirbhaya’s India on July 11th, 2012

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‘Maximum city’ suddenly turns minimum;

In the last decade its population has shrunk!

A married woman here doesn’t become a mum?

5.75% down in 100 years is quite a chunk.

So again it’s a merry time for hyper-analysis:

The government say’s family planning’s working!

Dirty paper wonders if stressed, from sex we’re shirking,

Or whether simply fertility is suffering paralysis.

Academicians say for cities it’s a global trend,

That for some time population will peak,

Followed by a slump that inevitably will tweak,

The numbers of babies for whom we’ll fend.

But the simpleton in me proffers a two-bit theory.

People decamp when opportunities are illusory!



But doing more justice to news, let’s go national.

In the context of the 2G spectrum allocation,

Supreme Court rethinks auctions for all resources natural.

And Chidambaram again has foot-in-mouth aberration.

This time the middle class he decides to chide;

Crazy Chidambaram grudges our ice cream, mineral water,

That justifies his treating fuel prices as stepdaughter,

But now from a hounding press he’s forced to hide.

Yet they say he may return as Finance Minister.

Manmohan feels the economy needs this duster.

Chidambaram is an example of Congress’s intransigence.

Will suffer any embarrassment, if it’s political contingence.

Crazy Chidambaram may return to Finance in August.

So can the middle class please very kindly adjust?



DG Civil Aviation has been coolly shunted,

For the temerity of not siding with Kingfisher Airlines.

For how can Mallya’s empire ever be blunted,

Another matter he couldn’t run it any time.

On safety concerns, Kingfisher would’ve got grounded.

But in India today, we all matter not an ounce,

And politicos don’t tolerate bureaucrats with bounce,

So how on earth can a moneybag, by a babu be pounded?

On money and politics there’s more in store,

So brace yourself for a perverse score:

In 5 years, Congress raised 1662 crores of rupees,

And the BJP? 852 crores it could squeeze.

Who cares in this period the GDP dropped,

Over a starving India, inebriated politicians hopped.


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