Nirbhaya’s India on July 12th, 2012

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Two pieces of news to understand the thinking:

Dilute GAAR (tax evasion) for the likes of Vodafone,

And sell government stake in SAIL without blinking

‘So see we’re good, foreign investors’ is the intone.

This is quite in line with Ajit Singh’s deed

When Bharat Bhushan he shunted out,

Leaving no moneybag at all in doubt,

That crony Mallya is whom he’d prefer to feed.

Of investors and consumers, it’s been quite clear,

Which one ministers, to their hearts hold dear.

Of civil servants and moneybags, it’s equally certain,

Who is valuable and which one is the cretin.

Still the middle class craves to join the IAS,

Where it must say No, it always says Yes.



Something to be said on dispensation of justice.

Four judges are caught taking cash, giving bail.

The country is long crippled with judicial arthritis,

So clearly it’s much more than four judges who fail.

Now lawyers across the country go on strike

Called by the dubious Bar Council of India.

Not pure not clean nor can claim political analgesia,

With new legislation, their autonomy can take a hike.

The CPRF slaughters unarmed Chhattisgarh villagers

In a deplorable nation of domineering besiegers.

Unable to handle and sort the root causes,

We’re a barbaric democracy suffering menopauses.

Now Walmart with Bharti is already selling here,

Blatantly violating FDI policy? But nothing to fear.



Mumbai politicians are clamouring for Shivaji Park,

Where they want to hold political rallies.

Their common cause is like light in the dark,

It’s brought all parties together, buried old agonies.

The Bombay High Court declared it a silence zone,

But why should they care about legal hurdles.

Our garish democracy without noise feels throttled.

To shout and scream, they need a place of their own.

Now on strike even school bus owners are going.

Afterall like planes, they’re the terrestrial Boeing.

They’re protesting temporary installation of speed governors.

Hapless parents will suffer these unionized conquerors.

The way Dirty paper makes bad news bonafide,

Sometimes I’m happier reading each and every classified.


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