Nirbhaya’s India on July 15th, 2012

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When egos are tall and without reason,

Where a seating arrangement can cause hurt,

Where No. 3 and not No. 2 can be treason,

Then even coalition governments can bite dirt.

Now with ego bruised is Sharad Pawar.

He felt he should be seated at No. 2,

But the seat went to Antony who grew

After Pranab, into the No. 2 star.

So the NCP for its leader is sulking.

It’s a piffling party but thinks it’s hulking.

The Congress still bothers to assuage,

Its junior ally’s amusing rage.

But such trifles we know when they’re reported.

For such shallow fellows we seem to have voted.



Now hold your sides, for this funny one;

The archaic laws nonsense comes again.

Excise and police raids they’ve again done.

Bakeries using liquor, proved to be the bane.

Rum inside a cake needs under the law,

A liquor license, remember it’s alcohol?

Unaware of these permits are chocolatiers all,

So excise raids were done, for this legal flaw.

Now this is the Bombay we must get used to,

The desi Mumbai where only vada pav is true.

To the law of a land that’s no longer grand,

Anything ‘white’ somehow faces raid or ban.

Revisiting archaic laws needs one more committee,

More useful than the hundred others in the country.



Now this sonnet’s a cryptic reportage

Of nefarious news crowding Dirty Paper.

Kalmadi flies into one solid bull charge,

Says Maken be axed for being cheaper;

Since he felt Kalmadi must not attend,

His corrupt persona we mustn’t append

To an event as pure as London Olympics.

But Kalmadi cares a hang for such cynics.

Now Ajit Singh’s an equally fascinating man.

Supporting UP village khap women restriction ban,

One moment he’s all for a ‘modern’ airline

Another time, with rural backwardness he’s fine.

This is the formula of survival of an Indian politician,

Cultural populism and moneybag support, all for election.


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