Nirbhaya’s India on July 16th, 2012

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Obama, instead of putting his own house in order,

Is worried about the investment climate in India.

His example of ‘retail’ suggests some disorder,

In the honesty of intent, beneath his compendia.

With an utterance laced with trademark ambiguity,

He adds ‘but it’s for India to decide.’

‘Another wave of reforms’ he says we must ride.

Here’s an intelligent man history will pity

Then commending Zardari’s visit to India, he said

Sounding as convincingly perky as lead,

That he hoped that with Pakis we reduce the tension.

But ‘peace’ to the US is just a breath before aggression.

It’s obvious that all they want is to neutralize China,

How rulers make their country, a murderous hyena.



The Congress today is alert and upbeat,

And this happens once in an age to them.

When Gandhi family babies grow up it’s a feat,

Then they frolic and pay allegiance to the hen.

With this egg-hatching event it is hoped,

That ten more years of Congress rule will come,

As the offspring ‘reluctantly’ on his scanty cerebrum,

Wears the crown of a nation democratically doped.

The nation itself first piously complains,

And the beaten opposition shrieks and strains.

Dynastic rule it says, beating the old drum;

Then the press shows them the mirror, ho hum.

The Gandhi for PM this time is Rahul, that’s bold,

For he hasn’t worked anywhere though he’s 42 years old.



Through with recording Orator Obama,

Done with covering Righteous Rahul,

Covering ground on the rest of the drama,

Let’s do justice to other news foul.

In ship-breaking industry, Dawood and aides

Have more than just financial stakes

Besides crores of rupees well invested.

While dismantling they smuggle, but go undetected.

Now with fewer seats in the tropical sky,

Low cost air fares have become high.

In Kali Yug, one example shoots out like a rocket,

Seems even Jihadis pinch funds for their pocket!

The country we live in everyday surprises,

With a new low to replace an older crisis.


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