Nirbhaya’s India on July 17th, 2012

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Once again they manage to make us gape.

These politicians have some knack I say,

When in public, their personal travails they stage

And with owlish eyes, we turn their way.

Now Raj Thakeray rushes to Udhav’s bedside,

When the latter’s heart suffers an ailment.

A baffled crowd wonders from the pavement,

Is it a sign that sibling affection can’t ever hide?

Or is it just a smart political ploy,

The press wonders but is mum and coy,

For who knows that the cousins are like us,

When a sibling is ill, do we not fuss?

But still did you notice the blue Mercedes in

Which the ‘poor’ cousins left the hospital amid the din?



The day otherwise has morsels and crumbs.

A spectre of drought over the nation looms,

Joined by school buswallahs beating drums,

We’ll go on a strike, now truckers fume.

This newfound unity comes from speed governors.

Is the administration filled with slow learners?

On a similar note, the BJP never yields,

To Vice President nominee Ansari the UPA fields.

Even though Jaswant Singh will never win,

But a walkover to the Congress? That’s a sin!

In Maharashtra, the tough Housing Regulatory is passed,

But flip side – IMF cuts India’s growth forecast.

Now on this one, one simply can’t help but chuckle.

The Independent in UK calls ManmohanSonia’s poodle



Now, after years we’ll play with cousin Paki,

A game we had stopped playing in protest

No, I am not talking of good old hockey,

It’s today’s charged hysteria called cricket.

After the 26/11 Mumbai attacks,

No cricket with Pakis we had vowed.

But Gavaskar still feels we needn’t have bowed,

Since on 26/11, their co-operation still lacks.

But if Raj can enter Matoshree after 6 years,

Dear Gavaskar, please explain your fears.

How a fat bat hitting a tiny ball

Makes a darn difference to our life at all.

To link pressing issues to a godamn game,

Is an affliction we’ve jolly well got to tame.


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