Nirbhaya’s India on July 22nd, 2012

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Who says strikes can never have an effect.

Two commuters are on Western Railway track killed

‘Coz of overcrowding, (the strike was deft);

But only 2 out of 32 lakhs, and God had willed!

Plus other things occupy Maharashtra politics.

CM Chavan doesn’t still ‘accommodate’ Pawar.

Should’ve been a quid pro quo with finger on lips,

That’s why with the centre Pawar stays thick.

But Maharashtra has tremendous bonhomie,

Shareholders all, each to another, a crony.

Here sweetly they work for common gain,

Legendary teamwork cemented with our pain.

So whenever we say India isn’t rich,

We forget all these guys, when we bi_ch.



Bucking the cultural trend of the nation,

Saas donates her kidney to a Bahu.

It’s sheer violation of Indian tradition,

But her stature in Dirty Paper grew.

But other trends remain quite intact.

BMC floats a Rs. 980 crore tender

For improving roads, in case you wonder.

And Pranab will be 13th President in fact.

The DRI unearths a 500 crore-drug cartel in Delhi.

And launching another tirade, Mamata is merry.

This one’s again aimed at the party from vilaayat;

Without Congress she’ll go for the polls Panchayat.

Now teachers’ve started falling into a habit pristine,

This time it’s Tamil Nadu, where a bachha drinks urine.



Right now I am in a devilish mood,

Lightheartedly savoring inventive paradoxes.

For it’s far better to do so, than to brood,

It’s like using a car instead of oxes.

Now this must well be I suppose, the reasoning

In a nation where a PM once slurped pisskikola.

Why on earth should there ever be this jhamela,

When a school bacchha sips piss without seasoning.

And if a Saas can share with a Bahu her kidney,

Then why can’t Chavan treat Pawar like Britney

Spears, who once provided wholesome fun,

So what if she is now over and done.

Have I cracked it about this nation, or so I think?

Is it all to do with each state and what it drinks!


Those reading Nirbhaya’s India for the first time would do well to read the ‘Foreword’ and ‘Nirbhaya’s December’, especially ‘She hands over the baton’.


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