Nirbhaya’s India on 23rd July

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As Pranab sweeps with 69% votes tally,

Maa and beta hop over to congratulate,

And Dada speaks to Didi, in Bengali,

The swearing in ceremony she must grace.

For the ceremony would be incomplete without her.

That NDA got thrashed isn’t really the point,

But the cross voting in BJP is now the disjoint

And the ‘disciplined’ party’s noticeable err.

The presidential elections are one sure sign,

Of who is strong, who weak, who benign.

This round has gone to Congress let’s admit;

The BJP needs to look inside for whodunit.

For sure, soon enough there’ll be another round,

But methinks, next-party-in-power we’ve already found.



Ex CM Ashok Chavan’s suddenly active,

Returning money to a builder buddy,

To turn his Adarsh membership inactive,

Now that the 2010 PIL makes him ruddy.

The Samajwadi party and the left have written,

To Miserable Manmohan to not open

FDI in retail even as a token,

One way of saying with socialism they’re smitten.

In Haryana, farmers raise a socialistic hue and cry,

Protesting the 3000 acres land acquisition they try,

To retain their livelihood and eat honest grub,

Instead of losing it all to a logistics hub.

Are we returning to socialism to contain this greed,

And prevent this country from going to seed?



In Karnataka, we learn there were 14 of them,

BJP MLAs who voted for Pranab Mukherjee.

(Kejriwal promises to evidence Mukherjee’s corruption

For you Arvind we forever wait and sit pretty)

Meanwhile: a wee bit on the president’s progress;

It’s ballistic and grenade resistant, the Merc. he’ll ride,

In warm seats, 7 stereo, 14 speakers and GPS he’ll drive,

And the old white Amby will now sullenly egress.

Now when he drives through an impoverished India,

It will appear as poor as Madhavrao Scindia.

From a Rs. 10 lakh moronic Amby he has moved,

To a Rs. 12 crore Merc. and that’s quite shrewd.

Good ol’ Pranab knew well the chair he was allowed,

And that provided to his masters, he gently bowed.

Those reading Nirbhaya’s India for the first time would do well to read the ‘Foreword’ and ‘Nirbhaya’s December’ especially ‘She hands over the baton’.


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