Nirbhaya’s India on July 25th, 2012

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Either we are fools or the mind is evading

For this report is true, at least I think.

That Maoists in trade unions are pervading,

And they may have well made Manesar sink.

For one, the attack seemed pre-meditated.

Two, the silence on its causes was deafening too;

And that the rich-poor divide is stunningly true.

Isn’t this how union militancy gets invigorated.

Do money and brains have an inverse relation?

By conception the former is a ‘display’ creation.

Then limited and finite, whenever by one, it is grabbed,

It’s snatched from some poor spirit that has sagged.

But it only proves that the very moneyed are brainless.

Pray, can they not see how short-lived is excess.



But to Azim Premji I must doff my hat.

A billionaire who has the guts to say,

That Manesar represents social unrest that

Is black and white and not at all grey.

But here comes capitalism in all its glory;

Hyundai sees profit in Maruti’s woes,

Businesses by conception live like foes,

And Marketshare, a Kali Yug child is gory.

But sometimes profits come from small change,

Something smooth Raj Thackeray will disarrange.

Now MNS workers on toll booths, lay siege;

They say: boycott road tax – their new besiege!

But aren’t we privileged so many talk on our behalf,

But we’ll thank them more, if they share wealth in half.



Otherwise the juggernaut rumbles on.

The NCP blackmails cousin Congress,

Says more power on it must dawn,

And this time Congress must not digress.

Suddenly Akhilesh Yadav welcomes FDI-retail!

Oh it seems to consult his father he forgot,

So now the party spokesman’s denial was got,

That farmers, traders are unprotected is the detail.

Fifth day: Bodo-Muslim violence still makes small news,

Border states neglected when even serious trouble brews.

Otherwise too, let’s confess they have halted in time,

And that it’s a fact that Delhi doesn’t give a dime.

Anyway, on Assam riots, I read the small print,

And calmly circled the toll of thirty-two, in my blue point.

Those reading Nirbhaya’s India for the first time would do well to read the ‘Foreword’ and ‘Nirbhaya’s December’ especially ‘She hands over the baton’.


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