Nirbhaya’s India on July 29th, 2012

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Today Anna starts a fast unto death,

Knowing that unlike Ramdev who couldn’t sustain it,

The government worries about his wrath,

But with a thin crowd this time, Team Anna’s upset.

So the desperate team is taunting journalists,

For reporting the scantily filled Ramlila Maidan.

Just the team itself, few journos, idlers chewing paan,

The movement is now in Facebook ‘older posts’.

Confounding they are, these rabble-rousing protests,

Are they really no more than fashionable fests?

When tired of being online for too long,

Facebook floodgates open, maidans are torn?

Is that all there is to these ‘movements’ this age?

Is it silly to take too seriously, this ‘mock’ rage?



And now there are also cracks in the team;

With Anna, Kejriwal has publicly disagreed.

(An ambitious man he has always been)

That targeting Pranab publicly is a damn good deed.

Kejriwal is also becoming a sensational leader,

Turning to the audience he asks about Prime Minister.

Is he corrupt or clean, is his simple twister?

Out of habit hands went up like a ‘likes this’ mister.

So turning to the media quite coyly,

Kejriwal pointed to the gathered motley,

And victoriously asked media to record,

How the ‘people’ with the PM strike the cord.

But in Delhi Manmohan yawned quite calmly,

For the hen had smiled and she looked friendly.



Amazing how it happens only to the subcontinent.

Can anything go smoothly and not be uncommon?

In the opening ceremony march of the Indian contingent,

In red top, blue pants marched one unknown woman.

There’s a lot to be said about Indian security,

And that too in London this had to happen.

So on the athletes the cameras had to dampen,

Focused as they were on this bright new mystery.

Unconcerned the PM just woke up this morning,

And gave Rs 300 crore to victims of Assam rioting.

Still in a good giving mood he then approved,

Rs 3000 crores for Navi Mumbai airport dude.

Now let’s watch two measures for monitoring sake

How good will the airport be, how long it’ll take.

Those reading ‘Nirbhaya’s India’ for the first time would do well to read the ‘Foreword’ and ‘She hands over the baton’ as well


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