The Modi Chronicles – June 24th, 2012

‘The Modi Chroncles’ are extracts of ‘Nirbhaya’s India’, and cover a date where Modi finds an (un)honorable mention. Purpose: ‘those who forget history, are condemned to repeat it’. Further, the author clarifies, he has a poor opinion of the Congress, though an abysmal one of Modi.

Click on the links within the text to delve deeper eg Gulbarg Society Massacre  

The date changes but the flavour’s the same,

And again it isn’t me being naughty.

‘Ol Dirty paper is at it again,

So here’s the daily dose of potty.

Finally our strong silent PM has spoken,

Maybe because Sonia allowed him to.

And we are obligated to listen to his view

That ‘reforms’ will be back is his token.

The PM’s an old economist, decent and quiet,

Another significant upper house acolyte.

He’s warming the chair for Sonia’s son;

What a fat position for loyalty done.

And we thought this nation was full of hermits,

Ruled by a family coz the electorate permits.



Right after PM, Pranab lets his tongue glide.

In English spoken fluently in Bengali,

Says he will arrest the rupee’s slide.

Remedial measures for RBI’s folly?

So let’s wait keenly for June twenty fifth,

For rarely do they promise action so early.

Something’s up their sleeve, something surly,

To lift the frock of the stock markets with?

But Narendra Modi’s seeing a new low,

With a trial court refusing to tow

The line that he’s completely in the clear,

In the Gulbarg Society massacre.

One example of no smoke without fire

Is good old Modi’s communal ire.



Are we only getting what we deserve?

For we are parochial let’s just admit,

When caste creed and colour we preserve,

That’s when we swim in our own shit.

So let’s concede or make confessions,

Or ask if we’re a ragged bunch of idiots,

Is a democracy filled with caveats,

And so, easily hoodwinked by politicians.

They play us against each other –

The neat way to manage any sucker.

Our castes and colours are many hued,

But in the process only we are scre_ed.

Now if us for granted, they ever dare take,

Let’s vow we’ll _ump them out of shape.

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