The Modi Chronicles – July 10th, 2012

‘The Modi Chroncles’ are extracts of ‘Nirbhaya’s India’, and cover a date where Modi finds an (un)honorable mention. Purpose: ‘those who forget history, are condemned to repeat it’. Further, the author clarifies, he has a poor opinion of the Congress, though an abysmal one of Modi.

Click on the links within the text to delve deeper eg Gulbarg Society Massacre  

News cannot be metaphorical? Think again.

An Air India Airbus 320 has a rare malfunction,

So in Nawabshah, a Paki war base, lands the plane.

Three hydraulic systems show simultaneous inaction

You see it’s a metaphor of a delightful democracy.

Three ‘systems’ fail and we’re miraculously alive,

The plane somehow is just short of a nosedive.

The ‘systems’? Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

Eerily again, Pakistan finds a role in the tale.

The debate: a human error or did software fail,

But the pilot’s prematurely declared brave,

While the ordeal for passengers is a close shave.

Like unsuspecting passengers in a badly run airline,

Are the citizens of this nation braving the borderline.



The ghost of Best Bakery has returned to haunt

All those who remember that secularism mockery,

Where a shameless 1200 people killed with vaunt,

The small Muslim family that ran the bakery quietly.

That these 14 Vadodara murders on March 1, 2002,

Are still under investigation is a matter of shame.

Narendra Modi must thank India for being so tame.

In any other country, with his life he would rue.

Here after a decade, courts booked only 5 to blame,

A shameless lack of justice and amazingly lame.

For more than a murder, it was a bloody carnage,

Are judges blind to the mammoth damage?

But now when Modi talks of development to you,

I can only hope that we’ll teach him a lesson or two.



Now Modi detractor Sanjay Joshi seizes

The opportunity to focus more attention.

Writing to Chidambaram he uncloses,

Modi threatening my life, is his accusation.

And so can his security cover be enhanced,

With this he provides fresh political fodder,

To authoritarian Modi’s opponents in order

To get his rival Modi politically lanced.

But Delhi-ites are lanced by mosquitoes,

Dengue and malaria, those familiar foes.

Undeterred, to arrest Haryana gangsters absenting

Six cops hastily retreat, injured in stone pelting.

This country for commoners is always under siege,

But beyond reach of law, the rich man’s a liege.

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