The Nirbhaya Chronicles – December 24th, 2012

These sonnets (each with the same fixed rhyming scheme) cover:

what India (us and the political class) was doing

when Nirbhaya (who symbolized the apathy of politicos) was dying.

To her memory. And to our awakening.

Let us continue our fight for a 2nd azaadi with the same verve. 

( the links are clickable; so read about our representatives before 2014! )

Now the protestors have turned violent,

At Central Vista the battle lines are drawn.

Ten lathi charges have only ignited the flint,

The police now feels like the state’s pawn.

First, they are citizens, hang the uniform!

Then, they’re like khaki slaves of Brit days,

And not allowed hard weapons in this case,

Plus the hat of traitor’s getting hot from warm.

Now the metro’s been shut down station after station,

But the protests centered in Delhi have seen migration,

To Lucknow, to Chennai, to Bangalore and elsewhere,

To Ranchi, to Rajkot, Bhavnagar . .Jamnagar . . everywhere . .

And it’s all happening, yes it is, in a biting December;

Finally the flames have flared from November’s ember.



The party closest to the protest is Aam Admi.

The token presence of others is to capitalize

On the situation like a fake theatre academy,

A_sholes who don’t have brains to realize,

That it is they and not just the rape that causes,

Our bile to rise and our blood to boil.

And we can die but never let them foil,

The momentum and guts, which finally arises.

Their exit will be in parts, like Sachin Tendulkar,

Whose retirement is turning graduated and granular.

Friend, we are grateful for your entertainment in cricket,

But a parliament seat is more serious than a free ticket.

If you have to continue somewhere, stick to the field,

From some real parliamentary potential, let the house yield.


Good and bad governance is indeed a far cry,

For right now there is NO governance at all.

With pendency rate on crimes on women so high:

Maharashtra’s 91.5%, Modi’s Gujarat 93.5%; 96.3% in Didi’s


National average? 85%.  . . . no solace to Nirbhaya,

Who underwent her third surgery, the ventilator’s back,

More infection has spread. . . . But now revealed in the lack

Of judges and policemen in a mind numbing play

Of numbers: 50% vacancies of judges in many courts . . .

Police vacancies: 4.20 lakhs (sanctioned: 20.8 khaki clods)

But VIP security? In 2010, 16,788 avaricious souls bastioned

By 50,059 police personnel: 21,761 more than sanctioned!

Even the police must join protestors is my two-bit theorem,

Before their abuse becomes official as a parliamentary harem.

Three sonnets covering each day of the Nirbhaya period will be posted everyday. Follow them here on ‘WordPress’ on or through my twitter account: @nirbhayasindia 


2 responses

  1. Well said. But who is listening?

    1. Ah well, an age has moved on and nascent democracies are failing world over. People are talking each other and listening to each other through the power of social media. And so democracies are on the verge of collapse. The established ones, the older ones mistakenly thought the only representation by people is in the hypercapitalist format. And that has crumbled in the most hollow way. A new order is on its way.
      So in a nutshell, who cares if the ‘powers that be’ listen of not. They are deaf at their own peril.

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