In Nirbhaya’s memory – 18th Dec 2012

In Dirty Delhi, good and bad students,

Blocked really bad traffic real good.

The bad parliament sensing vote dents,

Demanded death penalty for the hood.

Good and bad options featured in debate:

How about chemical castration – women groups,

Sensitizing the police? – at such a time such jokes?

Or fast track courts? – Really? In this state?

Then some administrative brainwaves . . .

Better patrolling? Some GPS that saves . . .

Or listen. . . a database of public transport personnel.

But no mental health recourse is suggested on any TV panel,

As the root cause of a rapist’s psychiatric condition,

Two birds with one. . . .businessmen’s obsessive money



Exit polls on Gujarat and Himachal,

Predict a landslide for Modi in the former;

A scrape-through for Congress, just the needful

In the latter – did they fail to hammer?

In Maimed Mumbai, the Sena’s begun,

The process of shifting the memorial.

Rajya Sabha’s done with the quota ordeal,

But Lok Sabha promises much more fun,

But Sena’s shifting seems too good to be true,

And Mulayam must now have a trick or two,

To puncture the sails of Mayawati’s yatch,

With something dirtier than whatever she’s got.

These two desperately need numbers in 2014,

Given their life expectancy and CBI’s guillotine.



After trying to thoroughly botch up FDI retail,

Mamata beamed winningly at industry captains,

Assuring them that her government wouldn’t fail,

Even on land acquisition – the U-turn was at pains

To appear convincing, to the natural lie detectors,

The simple one we intuitively have for protection;

Yet, almost immune to its inevitable detection,

She continued to bullshit the money attracters.

But midway Pawan Munjal exited the meeting,

Saying he wouldn’t invest in Bengal, without seething.

A little bird says that he broached the FDI topic,

And Mamata’s response was rude and ectopic.

And so as usual she again achieved the exact opposite,

Of what she had set out to achieve – predictably quixotic.


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