About Nirbhaya’s India

I am Nirbhaya.

I am nameless and faceless.

My name stands for today’s India.

My face is the face of the ruled, oppressed and subjugated.

I was gangraped and murdered in New Delhi, the capital of India.

An India that is still fighting for azaadi, a second this time from brown sahibs – the political class and the moneybags who look after each other – who have replaced the white sahibs, who ruled once, but were not corrupt.

In villages and forests, our land and natural resources are plundered by this ruling class, be it coal or forests. The river water meant for our fields is diverted to their silly factories.

In towns, they even steal ‘spectrum’! They build buildings in collusion and allot themselves houses at cheap rates. They plunder everywhere. They stash money in swiss banks. They do money laundering and not one is caught. And they even use the state security!

It is time for azaadi, a second azaadi. Nirbhaya’s India chronicles the deplorable and plummeting state of this nation from June 17th 2012 with three sonnets (verses in 14 lines) for each day.

These verses are dedicated to Nirbhaya, the gangrape victim who died and brought us, the educated class out of hibernation, on the streets, demanding our rights. She gave us the reason to join hands in protest. she showed us the power of people is supreme and the most powerful and moneyed will have to bow to it.



P.S. If you are on this site for the first time, you must start by reading the first post i.e. the Foreword. And ‘Nirbhaya’s December’ especially ‘She hands over the baton’ is a must read.

All that is written in this blog is protected by copyright.

70 responses

  1. Hello, Nirbhaya’s India, and welcome to the readership of Diabetic Redemption. I’m glad you’ve joined us. On my site, I have a Friends Page, where my readers leave information about themselves and their blogs. I hope you will add your information there. I also have a poetry blog, called The Sun Drips Honey. I am a writer of sonnets, as well, and about very odd things. I haven’t written much lately, but your archives have me interested once more.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Hi that is good to know. can you give me the link to Sun Drops Honey? Would love to read. You must start writing poetry again. For me, writing, though a huge passion, is one part and the cause is another. Wish you would spread the message. The challenge democracies face today is purely in being true to their intent. And in younger nations, the challenge is huge and the risk of the balkanization of these nations like India is almost imminent. And like any such historical event, it is seldom foreseen in time.

      1. We think the same about such things. The blog URL is http://thesundripshoney.com . I hope you will choose to share some of your poetry — I stopped because I couldn’t get anyone interested, but only recently I started again. I will get a sonnet up today, sometime! Thanks!

        1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

          Looking forward. That’s great! Thanks.

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      And of course, thank for stopping by and following my blog. I write 3 sonnets each day to chronicle Nirbhaya’s India, a rotting state that is ageing prematurely and seeking to apply make up in order to appear like it is ‘shining’. We have a huge number of gods here, but we desperately need the right kind of prayers!

      1. I always thought that sincere prayer to any god adds good energy to the prayed-for. Blessings on you and your work.

        1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

          Thank you so much. Kind of you, really.

  2. Oh my friend-my prayers are with you.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you so much. We have many gods here in India, and we pray a lot too. But I am wondering if our prayers are of the wrong kind, or for the wrong things!

  3. An idealistic blog.
    You remain faceless according to you. but you are about to unmask the faces who behave cheap.
    You will succeed.
    Thanks for following my blog.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you for your comments. We have reached a point where we must get what we deserve and we cannot be exploited anymore. We have each other for support and what can be bigger than that

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      WordPress had deactivated my blog by mistake, but now it’s up again. Thought I will let you know.

  4. Hello, Nirbhaya’s India. Thank you so much for following Lessons by Heart. My heart aches for the crimes committed against women and children worldwide – here in my country as well. I will ask Jesus to protect you as you use the Internet to get the word out about what is happening there. No doubt you have put yourself in danger. I am also asking Him to give you good success in what you are doing, and that He will make Himself known to you, for He is the only true God. Your prayers are not of the wrong kind, or for the wrong things, but perhaps to the wrong gods?

    May you be blessed, protected, and given access to people who can bring the needed change. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

    Praise Jesus!

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you for supporting, following and for your prayers. I value all these, and you.

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      My blog is up again, thought I will let you know. WordPress had deactivated it by mistake.

      1. Thanks! Glad everything is working okay again.

        Praise Jesus!

        1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

          Thank you for your wishes. Great to connect again!

  5. Hello nirbhayasindia, There is strength in unity, so all the women of India should unite instead of still fighting saas-bahu war.

    Beware of the fury

    of a wounded woman


    if not treated with

    love and care

    and not given

    what is due to her,

    The revenge will be



    all humanity will suffer

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Well said.

  6. There are certain cultures that seem to forment gangrape, for instance one study in South Africa among young males said they found the idea fun,

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Sad. As we get civilised or pretend to be, it is hoped that we become lesser like animals.

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      My blog is up again, thought I will let you know. WordPress had deactivated it by mistake.

  7. indiansinpakistanbook | Reply

    The fight for justice must go on. I was criticised and threatened online by a couple of individuals when I wrote an article at the turn of the millennium. It was on woman’s safety and I had highlighed the fact that all modern religions (including my own) had actually an outmoded, negative outlook on women’s issues as they were based on scriptures that did not treat women on par with men. You can read my article (now published in my book “Rose Gardens and Minefields” at http://literaryindia.com/forums/showthread.php?t=352

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you for dropping by and for adding so much to the conversation. I am so happy to see that your are secular and fearless and it will be an honour to read your article which I will do immediately.

      The trouble with any philosophy or laid-down code of behaviour (including religion) is that it is in a context and within a certain tract of time. Religions too perhaps need to be like software, where un updated version must be installed! Not surprisingly, religions go in and out of fashion like film stars. Starring Hinduism, then Buddhism, then Hinduism again, as do socio economic doctrines – starring industrial revolution (read capitalism), starring communism, re-starring capitalism. But alas, capitalism can no longer divert attention because there is no adversary left! The enemy of democracy is within. All capitalism is becoming crony capitalism and is now being supported by tax payer money!
      I’ve said a lot, let me save some for sonnets!
      Great to hear from you. I write 3 sonnets a day, and should you want to read what the world is saying all over again, do drop in!

  8. Thank you for dropping by and following Malcolm’s Corner.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      The pleasure was mine. I enjoyed it.

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Hi, my blog is up again, thought I will let you know. By mistake, wordpress had deactivated it.

  9. Hello. Thank you for visiting, and following, my blog. Take care out there.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Hi, my blog is up again, thought I will let you know. By mistake, wordpress had deactivated it.

  10. AnElephant usually writes a rhyme to introduce himself but feels it is inappropriate here.
    Very powerful stuff, he will return.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you. Looking forward.

  11. Good for you. I am very respectful and very impressed, and I hope this blog is a great catalytic agent for justice to all. Thank you for following my blog. My own references to social justice are usually a side topic, but they also exist — the latest, about an installation of the work of Chinese artist/activist Ai Wewei, is one example.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      My blog was deactivated by mistake by wordpress, but now it’s up again

  12. Thank you for following my blog. I just got started and there is so much to write and do. In spite of all the gods, heavens just don’t like to shine on India. It’s not about praying right, it’s about doing right. Hopefully someday the collective effort will have some effect and we will have an awakened society. Take care and good luck.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you. Yes, through history, collective effort had brought positive change.

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Don’t know if you’ve noticed, the eerie similarity if news last year and this year same time

  13. Hi.! Thank you very much for stopping by my blog, and for following it. Really appreciate it. Your writings here are extremely powerful.
    With regard to the Nirbhaya incident, I was wonderingf if there was some other work that Nirbhaya’s India is doing to that effect. Not sure if you noticed on my blog, but I too have been quite affected by that incident. I’d like to connect, see if measures and solutions can be thought of toward making India safe for women. Pls drop me an email at shrutinshetty@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss the same.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Hi Shrutin,

      No, I have not been able to find that side of you in your blog affected by the Nirbhaya incident. Can you point me to it through a link please. I will touch base on mail as well. Thank you for your email id. There is a lot to be done. We haven’t even scratched the surface.

      Thank you for calling my writings ‘extremely powerful’. It comes out like an angry scream on its own. I am greatly angered by what is happening and am even more angered that we just sit and suffer it.
      Thanks for dropping by and more importantly, joining in. Feel free to share this poetic drumbeating with whoever you wish to.

      1. Hi. Your writings were genuinely powerful.
        Will surely share your poetry with some friends of mine. Thanks.
        On my blog, you’ll see a line on the top right of the page, with an image of a candle to the right of it. That’s been there since sometime after she passed away.
        Here is a post about respecting women in general – http://ow.ly/muaRj
        And some posts related to the Nirbhaya incident –
        And finally, this one was about a small thing I tried – http://ow.ly/mubo8

      2. Hi.! Was wondering if you had a chance to go through the links.
        Look forward to thoughts on it, if any. And suggestions on what next =)

        1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

          Hi Shrutin, I just haven’t been able to, but will do so very soon. Thanks for reminding too.

  14. My heart is with yours…

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you. . .

  15. I am so appreciative that you have started to follow me. I am in awe of your courage and strength.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      I thank you for your kind and generous words and look forward to enjoying your blog and sharing my thoughts

  16. in solidarity with the oppressed……….and resistance against the powerful!!!!!

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you. This means a lot.

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you. . . .

  17. Happy to know you, Nirbhayasindia.Thank you for sharing your post.

  18. Thanks for following my blog! Yours is beautiful, and sad. I’m surprised by how many problems our two countries have in common. I put your blog in my Feedly list and I’m looking forward to reading it!

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you for the mixed bag.

      I keenly await your comments and I find the kids and politics connection most fascinating.

      Your lament about what is not happening anymore is easily explained by Ravi Batra. Wonder if you are familiar with his theories. My understanding (which borrows from his theories) is that the Acquisitor age (when moneybags rule supreme) has outlived its welcome. And the Intellectual age is about to arrive.

      Not to worry, we will have brighter children soon!

      Actually, money and brains have had a far more inverse relationship, than beauty and brains. The former is almost always a reality and the latter is quite often a myth.

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Which exactly is your country? Let me see if I can combine yours and my country in verses to explore what’s common. Good idea?

  19. Forever in support of this great cause…May the blessings of the Universe smile down upon this effort!

    Jai Maa,

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you for being there and for your wishes. I post 3 sonnets a day and would love you to follow this story

      1. I will most certainly follow it:)

        1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

          Looking forward!

        2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

          It’s strange how the news of last year and same time repeats this year. Just yesterday Maoists violence erupted again. And a new civil aviation scam erupted. Would love to have your comments on the sonnets.

  20. Hi Nirbhaya’sIndia,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, leaving a comment and following it. I really appreciate it. I’m greatly impressed by your socio-politcal concerns and the causes you’re writing for–really commendable. I wish you all the very best!

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you, value your words a lot. It makes all of it worthwhile

  21. yes it is a shame for India, that there is not enough respect vs. female dignity…
    read my article maybe …

  22. I wish you luck in getting back India to it’s people !!!!

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      You know it is luck only which has not been on our side. And on the subject of ‘side’, our own people have switched ‘sides’. Who say all you can do is to offer prayers and luck. It’s a fight for humanity. Come, and help us do something good, in a country you love. And you are welcome; please take my word for it. I see India in your blood anyway. Hope you take all this in the right spirit. Are you here in India now or whenever you are here next, drop a line and I can tell you also about some mountains here that will leave you wondering whether heaven was meant to be far or if it is right here. See you, frequently I hope on these verses that are about all those who have no poetry in their lives.

    2. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you so much. I will do whatever I modestly can.

  23. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award in thanks and recognition of the fine job you are doing blogging. I hope you will accept this award from me. Please go to the address below to see the names of all my nominees and to accept the award by following the simple directions. You too will encourage fellow bloggers! Namaste…..Anne

    1. nirbhayasindia | Reply

      Thank you so much Anne, though I don’t know about this award. . . will look it up.

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