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June 2012 – Quotable quips

So my two-bit mind for all its confusion, is clear about

The fact that the rape was but a spark, to begin the rout.



For sixty-five years, plaster peeling slums have gaped in this

cursed nation,

From small dwellings, at long limousines, gliding into their plush




Sure, rile and invectives illustrate the defeature,

But times as abusive, merit abusive literature.



But those blanks, if you find them obscenely hued,

It’s not my mischief; it’s your mind that’s scre_ed!




For us I’ve recorded in dates and verses,

So we’ll laugh and know who to bless with curses.




That it had to happen again, yet again. . . .

An Indian much deified, did India to shame.




For the Executive’s a goner, the Judiciary’s blinking,

And incorrigibly again, the Legislature is winking.



Sadly the Mahatama departed, but gladly left us to keep

Anachronous khaadi, delusive topis, and imitators cheap.



A blessed geography’s gone rapaciously wrong.

A nation independent, or was it always stillborn?



Methinks we love repeats of rich doses of history.

Like teenagers privately seeking a murder mystery.



So the formula is quite simple really –

Money does chase money, homosexually.



‘Coz the economy sags if you choke corruption,

Look away, and boy! The market has an erection.



Now, that even players start politicking in tennis,

The symbol of Kali Yug should be the pen_s.



Now on MBA education one rightfully shudders,

For once upon a time there was Lehman brothers.



As a CBI judge’s booked by Anti Corruption Bureau,

This isn’t a country anymore methinks. It’s a curio.



Now if the rupee were to plummet and tear,

Do politicians realize it’s our underwear?



Congress’s preparing for a potpourri parliament,

So the President elected better be a friend.



We have this knack, I sometimes think,

Each to our own, even if we sink.




We’re agriculturists lost and confused amid industry.

Ensnared completely by ritualistic astrometry.



A new breed forms the powers that be,

English speaking sycophants in plenty.



Wonder what’s behind this double deception.

It’s weird like b_lls undergoing erection.



That’s brings us dear reader to the root cause.

It’s a lavatory today; a country it once was.



And we thought this nation was full of hermits,

Ruled by a family coz the electorate permits.



He’s warming the chair for Sonia’s son;

What a fat position for loyalty done.



One example of no smoke without fire

Is good old Modi’s communal ire.



Now if us for granted, they ever dare take,

Let’s vow we’ll _ump them out of shape.



But suspicious still, let’s wait and watch,

Genuine measures or hurried hodge podge?



Now corruption’s exposed amid uncertainty,

So businessmen shut the f_ck up and sit pretty.



Nabbing them all is all very well,

But how long the courts take, who can tell.



So let’s arrest some and heap some bribe,

That explains half the actions of this tribe.



In khaki we’ve dressed criminals in guise,

But on TV we debate like we’re very wise.



The nation is crowded with whining complainants,

Secularism my foot, we are fratricidal opponents.



The goalkeeper is Miserable Manmohan as usual.

That Sonia’s non-playing captain is not unusual.



Interesting how now even the army isn’t spared.

Thankfully so far only its underpants are bared.



But let’s acknowledge reality on our part,

That Army’s still a great institution, is all fart.



For all the heat Manmohan, here’s where you’re calmer

Just ask her to find some other chair warmer.



A moody nation, we are perpetually on dope.

How else do we explain our permanent hope.



The fabled monsoons of industrial Bombay can deliver

Death blows. For we’re still agriculturists, remember?



Better progress is made, with energy we’ll burst

Reversing the order, starting with the worst.



But when water flooded in from the sea,

Still we exclaimed: what can the matter be!



For all his wisdom, Manmohan does forget,

That in Chhattisgarh, there’s no stock market.



Proving that the way women are treated is a telling effect

Of hopeless root causes infesting a country wrecked.



And that in India, 3 per cent of us trade in shares,

To ninety seven per cent others, who the f_ck cares.



And the erectile tissue of the stock market’s rigid.

Yet an unperturbed rupee remains frigid.



So faces changed, but India waited for someone

Still selfish, leaderless, disparitous –  again ‘twas done.

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